PROCURE Biobank projects

As a prelude to its sample allocation process, the Biobank has accepted two pilot projects in 2013: one in Quebec on new cancer recurrence markers, and one in the United States on the complete genome analysis of prostate cancer. The Biobank now has an awards committee made up of urologists, pathologists and researchers in prostate cancer

2013-2014 Pilot Projects


The goal of this major project is to complete the molecular characterization of over 20 types of cancer, including prostate cancer. For DNA, this includes genome and exome sequencing, methylation, chromosomal structure and changes in the number of gene copies. For RNA, it includes the profiling of microRNA and mRNA expression. The project began in the fall of 2013 with the submission of cancerous prostate tissue coupled with 15 ug of DNA extracted from the blood samples of 50 patients.

PROCURE wanted to participate in this demanding and exciting project that will provide significant information to the entire scientific community. To learn more about this project, visit the TCGA website.

An innovative FRQS project

The polymorphism of genes that encode different forms of the proteins involved in steroid synthesis will be examined in order to identify new markers for the progression of prostate cancer. The plasma, DNA and urine from most of the PROCURE Biobank patients will be used, together with clinical data and patient relapse data.