Projects and benefits

Launching its biospecimen allocation process, the Biobank PROCURE accepted two pilot projects in 2013: one in Quebec on finding new markers of recurrence and one in the United States on the integral analysis of the prostate cancer genome.

The Cancer Genome Atlas

In the United States, “The Cancer Genome Atlas (NIH)” was a major project aimed at the integral molecular characterization of the prostate cancer genome using 333 frozen prostate tissue samples including 22 from the PROCURE Biobank cohort This research revealed seven new subtypes of prostate cancer. These subtypes may have implications for improving prognosis and treatment.



In Quebec, the “FRQ-S innovant” project of Dr. Chantal Guillemette and al. focuses on the discovery of new biomarkers of recurrence and on the risks of progression of prostate cancer by studying the androgen production / inhibition pathway. This project uses plasma, DNA and urine from the full cohort of the PROCURE Biobank.