Essential role

In Quebec, 4,800 men will learn in 2018 that they have prostate cancer. About 880 will die from it. Despite advances in research, the causes, the most predisposing factors, the reasons for the aggressiveness and progression of this disease are still unknown. The major asset of a biobank is to provide a wide variety of material to carry out major provincial, national and international research projects on prostate cancer.

Biobank of hope

The realization of the PROCURE Biobank project was made possible thanks to the partnerships established with the CRS and FRQS and with the support of major donors, including the Lemaire Family Foundation, the Roasters Foundation, the Mirella and Lino Saputo Foundation, Carolyn and Richard Renaud, as well as André Desmarais and Power Corporation, the Marvyn Kussner Memorial Fund and the Antonopoulos Group.

Why have a Biobank

A significant lack of knowledge persists in understanding the mechanisms of prostate cancer leaving numerous clinical needs unmet. To achieve its ultimate mission, PROCURE has an invaluable and unique research tool: the PROCURE Biobank.

Born of a partnership between the four major Quebec University Hospital Centers (MUHC, CHUM, CHU de Québec, CHUS), inaugurated in 2007 and counting a longitudinal study cohort of 2,000 men, the PROCURE Biobank stores thousands of high-quality biospecimens (urine, blood and prostate tissue), as well as clinical, pathological and socio-demographic data. These biospecimens and data are collected and updated regularly.


In order to make biospecimens and data of very high quality and scientific value available for basic, translational and clinical research projects on prostate cancer, the objectives of the PROCURE Biobank are:

  • Collect, process and store future-use biospecimens taken from men who have undergone a prostatectomy and to keep participants’s clinical records up-to-date;
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer on prostate cancer;
  • Provide biospecimens and data to researchers on the provincial, national or international scene that have ethically and scientifically approved projects, according to a fair process of allocation;

To do this, the PROCURE Biobank is committed to:

  • Apply strict rules of ethics and confidentiality in order to respect the dignity and rights of participants;
  • Provide a fair access and allocation process for all researchers with ethically and scientifically approved projects of provincial, national or international scope;
  • Ensure coherent and high quality management of the harvest of biospecimens and all associate data, along with optimal administration in order to enable it’s financial survival;
  • Guarantee compliance with current legislation regarding biospecimen allocation and participant data security.