The Biobank structure

The PROCURE Biobank is being carefully guided by a team of researchers, pathologists, scientists, nurses and research assistants from the four major Quebec University Hospitals Centers. This team, in conjunction with the Head of Operations, ensures a high degree of rigor both in the follow-up of 2,000 patients per year and in the management of biospecimen collection as well as a clinical-pathological data and socio-demographic data.

An allocation committee

An Allocation Committee, comprised of clinical experts, researchers, national and international administrators and patients, is in place to ensure the evaluation, prioritization and final decision on the acceptance of applications for biospecimens and data to carry out promising, innovative and short-term impact research projects for patients. This committee is currently recruiting members.

Comité de la Biobanque

The Biobank Committee is composed of urologists and a pathologist, all collaborators in the PROCURE Biobank project, the President and CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PROCURE.

  • Cédric Bisson
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of PROCURE
  • Fred Saad
    Principal Investigator and CHUM Urologist
  • Armen Aprikian
    Principal Investigator and MUHC Urologist
  • Michel Carmel
    Principal Investigator and CHUS Urologist
  • Louis Lacombe
    Principal Investigator and CHU de Québec Urologist
  • Fadi Brimo
    Co-Investigator and MUHC Pathologist
  • Laurent Proulx
    President and CEO of PROCURE

of the Biobank